Cajun Sayings Louisiana

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cajun sayings louisiana
To all out there … Cajuns I need help. Cajun Sayings?

I need to know some cajun sayings. I am a girl from Louisiana Cajun and I try to quote a memorable that is either known to most people in Louisiana or Cajun. I was the "joie de vivre" or "laissez Les Bon Temps Roule "but it needs to think not to be French. I would really prefer not to be French. Just something cool from my wonderful heritage of Louisiana! Oh, the offer for the Senior Quotes page for my high school yearbook.

The Spirit of Louisiana Geaux Saints! Who Dat? Geaux Tigers!

Cajun Household Wisdom

Cajun Household Wisdom

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Let the good times roll!Cajun culture is funny and fun-loving. It’s rooted in the earth. It’s rooted in the kitchen. It’s needlessly, hopelessly, complicated, and yet is utterly simple and suspicious of all things modern, especially food and drink.CAJUN HOUSEHOLD WISDOM takes you back to the days when family gatherings stretched far into summer nights with endless foo…

Justin Wilson's Cajun Humor

Justin Wilson’s Cajun Humor


Justin Wilson, the world’s greatest spinner of Cajun tales, and Howard Jacobs, a leading authority on Cajun dialects, combine their rare talents in this rollicking anthology of Cajun humor. For more than forty-five years the delight of audiences around the country, the exceptionally neighborly and friendly Justin Wilson is without peer in his mastery of the distinctive Cajun patois and the stories…

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